We have just made available a great new resource to help you in your process for learning to overcome Trichotillomania. It’s called How to greatly improve your chances for beating Trich.

In it you will find an important insight from someone I helped in learning to overcome Trichotillomania. When I later interviewed her, she shared many wonderful insights that can help anybody to make progress in learning to overcome Trichotillomania as far as I am concerned. The insight in this report is one of them.

Something that suddenly changed things for her for the better when she started to act on it.

In her own words she claims “it is half the battle”.

Now she had thought about it many times in the past, but it was only when she started to act on it, she experienced the positive impact this had for her.

Having helped many people myself over the years with learning to overcome Trichotillomania, I immediately recognized the importance of this insight. Because it had helped a lot of people in the past who struggled with Trichotillomania and had also been helpful in my own life to make progress at times when I was struggling.

Success leaves clues!

success leaves cluesThe ‘smart’ way for learning quickly I know to be true is to look to someone who already achieved what you are after.

What did they do specifically? How did they do it? What did they believe about what is possible or not? That is called ‘modelling’ with a fancy word or simply copying. Or in other words, ‘success leaves clues‘.

In school, you can get penalized for this. They want you to do everything on your own. But in real life, once we have grown up, it is my experience that copying someone who already succeeded in what you are after can speed up the whole learning process and save you many years of unnecessary worry and struggle.

That’s why I wanted to share the insight you will find in the report, so you can read it in the words of someone who acted on this principle and how it helped her move towards freedom and a better quality of life.

You can request the report to start following in her footsteps by clicking here.

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Rik (Rikkert)
Rik (Rikkert)

Rik is one of the leading experts to help people with learning to overcome Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). When the first person asked him to help her, he was deeply touched by the impact this behavior had on her quality of life. But he also discovered that he could actually help her. Most often as a result of everything that he had learned in the years before as a behavioral coach, trainer and therapist, but also by doing what seemed to come natural to him. Over the years he started to reach out to more and more people in various countries who suffer from this behavior and had to come up with smart and effective ways to assist them remotely. He then launched Trichotillomania Therapy Online, which now revolutionize the way you can receive specialized help for this behavior from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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