Freedom Consultation Session

The only thing worse than going in the wrong direction … is to go in the wrong direction enthusiastically!

Alex Mandossian

THE RIGHT APPROACH Can Often Mean The Difference Between Struggling For Years Or Living In Freedom!

We love to HELP YOU OVERCOME TRICHOTILLOMANIA and change your life for the better.

And after many years of helping people with this, we came to A VERY IMPORTANT CONCLUSION:

Most people who struggle with Trichotillomania follow an approach that is simply not effective to control this behavior!”

Their intentions are great, but THE ESSENCE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR, the build-up of the urge for pulling is seldom properly addressed.

Helping you change your approach if you are currently struggling with this behavior can make all the difference, like for many people we helped.

Or in other words:

"Change your approach » Change your results!"


HELPING YOU CHANGE YOUR APPROACH if you are currently struggling can make all the difference, like for many people we helped, and is what this freedom consultation session is all about!

Rose on overcoming Trichotillomania by learning to change her approach...

Like really in a few days it was over.

You can stop this behavior in a really easy short way.

I did it for 18 years and this worked.


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  • What it ACTUALLY takes to free yourself from Trichotillomania (most people get this completely wrong);
  • Two CRUCIAL FACTORS that can keep you pulling for years and how to change these in 15 minutes or less;
  • THE NR 1 QUESTION you should explore daily if you want to overcome this behavior as quickly as possible. Getting this ‘right’ can mean the difference between long-term success and failure;
  • PLUS we will assess & advise on what can help you best for creating a BREAKTHROUGH for hair pulling.

Hi Rik! I am doing very well, HAVE NOT PULLED OUT ANY HAIR for a whole month already!

The funny part is that on some moments I recently experienced I would definitely pull in the past ….

I am no longer preoccupied with having to do this.


(Had pulled for 20 years and every singly day before)


Let Us Help You CHANGE YOUR APPROACH If You Are Struggling

If you are currently struggling  it is more than likely that the approach you are following at present is simply not effective for Trichotillomania.

This FREEDOM CONSULTATION SESSION is focussed on assisting you in learning to overcome Trichotillomania, based on many years of helping people with this behavior.


The freedom consultation session will take place via VOIP services like Skype or Facetime or via a Web Class. All allowing you to learn critical insights from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  • Skype

    Skype allows you to make free audio and/or video calls and can be installed on both Apple and Windows devices.

  • Facetime

    Facetime allows you to make free audio and/or video calls and is preinstalled on most Apple devices.

  • Web Class

    A Web Class allows you to learn at home by participating in a virtual online class.

Your privacy is fully proteted during this Trichotillomania Freedom Consultation Session. When using Skype or Facetime, you choose if you want to use just audio or also video, both options are available. When participating in a Web Class where more people can attend at the same time, only the the instructor and his or her virtual blackboard will be visible for participants.

Here is how to plan your freedom consultation session

Planning your FREEDOM CONSULTATION SESSION is easy. Simply return the completed questionnaire called “Getting Real“.

We will then send you a link which allows you to schedule your session at a day and time that suits you best. All from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you have not done so, you can request that questionnaire via the box below.

Send us your answers to the questionnaire below and receive a FREE INVITATION to schedule your Freedom Consultation Session!

Jolien Jolien

This freedom consultation session helped me enormously. It made me realize what I had done wrong all those years trying to control this behavior (and failing constantly) and how to correct it. I CALL IT THE SECRET BEHIND MY SUCCESS. If you struggle with hair pulling, plan this session and do everything they ask you to do. It has helped me quickly move towards freedom afterwards and I know it can do the same for you

Questionnaire - "Getting Real"

Start To Transform Your Life For The Better!

Discover the power of well-targeted questions that carry the power of transformation in them.

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Want to watch an additional video first with more details about the freedom consultation session and how it can help you too?

If you want you can first request an additional video with more details on what to expect from this session and the things we will address and help you with at the time.

To help you on your way towards freedom. Including the two CRUCIAL FACTORS that can keep you pulling for years and how to change these in 15 minutes or less.

It is our experience that most people who struggle with this behavior often get this wrong and often pull endlessly as a result.

Without this session I probably would have struggled for many more years on my own with an approach that I now realize would never have worked!


Request The Video With Additional Info About The Freedom Consultation Session!

This additional video will explain in more detail what this session is all about and how it can help you too.

So you can decide if you would like to apply for a freedom consultation session as well.

Which has already made the difference for many people we were able to help over the years .

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