Assessing How To Best Help You

coaching assistanceIn order to deliver on the 100 % satisfaction guarantee, we initially focus on getting a better understanding of HOW YOU do what you do.

That is because the behavior of compulsive hair pulling is of course well known to us through all the people we helped before, but you as an individual are completely unique.

The art of helping you successfully is to tailor the insights and techniques you will learn to the unique working of your brain, mental thought patterns and personal background.

The first step to assess how to best help you is to answer a powerful questionnaire that will help you decide on your readiness for change. In other words: Getting Real!

Initially you will answer these questions just for yourself, in the privacy of your own place. But at the same time it is a real great gift to do this for yourself too.

Because through these questions and the way they have been structured, we will help you with prioritization and motivation for what is really important to change your life for the better!

Once you have answered these questions and decided you truly want to free yourself from Trichotillomania too, you can send us your answers in confidence. Upon which we will contact you to discuss how we can assist you with this and answer any personal questions you still may have.

And of course, before we officially start with the assistance you will get a clear indication of the investments involved and possible compensation from your insurance company.

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow!”

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