Today I wanted to share 3 questions with you that are great for facilitating change in any area of your life, including facilitating change for behavior like Trichotillomania.

The questions may seem obvious once you get to know them, but how you answer them can make a major difference.

So what I decided to do is to shoot a quick video for you from the Dordogne in France where we currently stay with the family during our summer holiday. You can watch that video below.

Watch the video first and then work on these questions yourself would be my invitation if you are not happy with your existing situation.

Also, when you write down your answers, write from your heart, not your head. Really feel your answers!

Here is the reason, when we change, it is my experience that we change from the heart, when we really feel the pain we want to leave behind and the pleasure we want to create.

So you may start from your head, but make sure to go to your heart and feel the impact of your answers with regards to the existing situation and the new desired situation.

You may even put on some music to stimulate your feelings. Bach music is great for this. Really go for it, I promise you it’s worth the effort.

And then put your answers somewhere where you can read them a couple of times each day and watch what happens in your attitude and actions.

When you really work these questions and come from your heart as I explain in the video, these questions can bring out the best in you to help you become the driving force for the change you want in your life. Be it in learning to overcome Trichotillomania or any other topic.

I also invite you to send me your answers, to help you resonate to your answers in a way that will make change happen.

And for a few people who send me their answers before the 10th of August, I will organize a special one-on-one Trichotillomania Feedom Consultation Session.

Instructions how to send me your answers are available in the video above.

With love and wishing you well,


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Rik (Rikkert)
Rik (Rikkert)

Rik is one of the leading experts to help people with learning to overcome Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). When the first person asked him to help her, he was deeply touched by the impact this behavior had on her quality of life. But he also discovered that he could actually help her. Most often as a result of everything that he had learned in the years before as a behavioral coach, trainer and therapist, but also by doing what seemed to come natural to him. Over the years he started to reach out to more and more people in various countries who suffer from this behavior and had to come up with smart and effective ways to assist them remotely. He then launched Trichotillomania Therapy Online, which now revolutionize the way you can receive specialized help for this behavior from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

    1 Response to "3 Questions to facilitate change "

    • Dims

      Hi Rik

      It’s since I was 11 or so that I started pulling out my hair. I’m 29 years old now, so I want to give this a try…

      1. What do I want?
      I want to find peace with(in) myself.

      2. Why do I want this?
      Because I want to live more consciously instead of feeling like I’m not in control of my own life.

      3. Why do I want this now?
      Because I’m turning 30 and it’s about time things change!

      Ik woon in België, dus ik spreek ook Nederlands…

      Hopelijk hoor ik van je!

      Bedankt alvast voor de tips.


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